The existing St. Lutgardis elementary school was extended with a new wing, integrating a daycare centre located a few buildings down the road into the project. Four classrooms were added to the elementary school on the upper level of the extension. The lower levels were equipped with a new daycare centre. The facade design externalises functions and inside experiences. Vertical wooden louvers form a “coronation” of sorts around the top and the base of the building. Round bubble-windows add identity to different spaces and allow kids to make certain areas their own. A line of trees, from the street entrance all the way down to the core of the playgrounds, make for an adventurous, green oasis. The surroundings exude a pleasant recreational vibe and form a green hub in the capital city. Every decision was made to tailor the environment to their key user, the kids. Inside the building a varied and playful promenade is formed by applying bright pops of colour and playful drawings. Overall the project offers a pleasant environment where kids can enjoy a relaxing and stimulating educational experience.