The project is part of a master plan for the Sint Lutgardis school in Etterbeek, located in the Generaal Fivéstraat. “The Broad Stream” campus consists of a nursery, before and after hours daycare, a kindergarten and an elementary school. This project expands the existing infrastructure with 8 classrooms and a multifunctional hall for pupils from the 3rd to the 6th grade; due to pre-existing capacity issues and a need for a contemporary, stimulating learning environment that is adapted to present day needs.

After previously having completed a new children’s daycare centre and adding a pedagogic playground to the campus further up the street, it was decided to reconvert the former nursery into a passive elementary school. The building is located within a closed block, facing a quiet street on the front side and a garden at the back.

The existing volume was maximally preserved, only raising the ridge of the roof in order to accommodate an extra classroom and meeting spaces. The existing terraces in the streetfacade were completely encased and added to the classrooms, creating additional usable space inside and forming a grand bay window on the outside. The choice of materials was intentionally kept sober as to integrate this new entity in its surroundings while still giving a nod to the nursery further up the street.

Completing this passive school project was the penultimate stage in our master plan. The final stage – the durable renovation and expansion of the existing school building with a refectory, teacher’s rooms, administration and management – will begin in the summer of 2017. The ‘Broad Stream’ will then be able to provide for a broad future.