The ‘Centre for Epilepsy and Psycho-Organic Disorders’ (CEPOS) is a two-stage project, in which existing pavilions were renovated in a first phase, both energetically and structurally. In a second phase, a new wing was added to the project, in which all missing features were included to turn CEPOS into an Institute of the future. This command turned out to be a huge challenge given the very short period of time within which the project had to be designed, licensed and delivered. On the ground floor, previously public functions were given a centrally located double high reception area, administrative functions and discussion areas. The more academic functions are located on level + 1, including an auditorium, seminar rooms and research rooms. There is an outdoor auditorium on the rooftop with a magnificent view over the park, a hidden eye-catcher with its white steel canopy and white architecture. Just like the first phase, the new wing was also strongly aimed at energetic innovation. The floor slabs were fitted with concrete core activation and floor heating that is fed from the BEO field in the surrounding garden. The façades are characterized by thermal wood façade boards and white aluminium joinery. The strongly differing articulation of the façades ensures both phases fit together, but each clearly manifest itself architecturally as its own identity.